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Guest Blog: The Uncanny Valley by S.W. Campbell

Hi, my name is Shawn Campbell, or S.W. Campbell as its put on the book, nice to meet you.  I’m going to be at Jan’s Paperback on July 29 from 11 AM to 2 PM, signing my book, The Uncanny Valley, and I hope to see you there. 

Do you know somebody who is into conspiracy theories?  I mean really into conspiracy theories?  You know the kind of person I’m talking about.  The kind that babbles on about the government listening in on your cell phone conversations or constantly brings up the melting point of steel beams.  Have you ever wondered what’s up with those people?  Have you ever asked yourself how it’s possible for people to get so far off the beaten path?  If these questions pique your interest, then my book might be the book for you.     

The Uncanny Valley is a piece of literary fiction which is basically the story of a hard luck guy named Paul who throws himself down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories until he becomes convinced that it’s just a matter of time until the government comes after him.  Being a bit of a proactive guy, instead of sitting around waiting for that to happen, he instead decides to sneak into Mexico via a remote spot in the west Texas desert, dragging his family along with him. 

I know what you’re thinking.  Great, just another wingnut book about one man versus the world.  Well, not exactly.  The Uncanny Valley isn’t really about the conspiracies.  It’s about Paul himself.  As an author, I’ve always been interested in the ones we call the despicable.  Those who seem more like caricatures than people.  The plucky survivors of an apocalypse that only they can see.  What drives these people?  What makes them tick?  What’s the world like through their eyes?  Are you brave enough to take a look?  Do you have it in you not to fall down the rabbit hole a little bit yourself?  Can you handle a world of shifting realities and cognitive dissonance?  Are you prepared to recognize your own flaws magnified to an unhealthy level?  Are you sure?          

Anyways, I’m a little biased, but I think The Uncanny Valley is a great read and that you should really check it out.  See you on July 29.   


S.W. Campbell is a native Oregonian who currently hangs his hat in Portland where he works as an economist, a profession that doesn’t impress women in bars nearly as much as saying you’re a struggling writer for whatever reason.  He enjoys many of the hobbies you would associate with living in Portland, most them evolving the outdoors and/or involving a beer or two.  He doesn’t have any pets because of his travel schedule, but he does have a very nice fifteen year old house plant named Morton.  Campbell has gotten eleven short stories published in various literary reviews.  The Uncanny Valley is his first book, but he is working on a second, as well as a collection of short stories which he hopes to get out later this year as long as his real job doesn’t get in the way.     

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