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About us

Jan’s Paperbacks is an independently owned bookstore specializing in selling and trading paperback books. Jan's is located in the Aloha Villa Shopping Center in Aloha, Oregon, a suburb on the west side of Portland. Since 1981, Jan’s has been serving it's customers with an alternative to the big name national chain bookstores. Personal service and a knowledgeable staff keep customers returning week after week.

With a passion for books, Jan C. first opened the store in March 1981. With bookcases built by her husband and index cards to keep track of customers' credit, the store flourished through the 1980s and 1990s. Jan was ready for a change in 2000 and sold the store to longtime customer and employee, Debbie. Since taking over, Debbie has taken the store to the next level, implementing a computerized inventory and customer computer system as well as an online presence with a website and online store that offers new books as well as Google ebooks.

Jan's prides itself on supporting the local community and authors. We love our authors. Book signings are a frequent event at Jan's, as well as dedicated shelf space for local authors to display and sell their latest releases. Jan's also supports the community through events and sponsorships, because we know that money spent in the community says in the community.