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RT Booklovers Convention Atlanta - Day 4

Day 4

Today was the Giant Book Fair.  Hundreds of authors are here and many more hundreds of fans show up.  Kim and I sat and watched the line, it took one and a half hours to get all of the people in.  After everyone was in we wandered in and found the authors I was so excited to meet.  Abbie Roads was top of my list and she is absolutely delightful.  Then I just wandered around finding authors to sign the two bags that I am getting signed for the raffle.  I have just sorted through all of the promo materials that we have collected.  There is some good stuff there.

We went to a couple of Fantastic Day events.  That was fun.  I didn't get to any of the Teen Day events.  Over the years they have expanded what goes on on Saturday.

The best event for all of the Booksellers is the Sourcebooks Party.  Sourcebooks is an amazing publisher.  They are relatively new in the publishing world and they listen to and want to help bookstores and libraries get books out to readers.  They are very generous with ARC's.  This is a time that we get to say goodbye to all of our RT Family.  Most of us head out on Sunday.  Next year in Reno we will do it all over again.

I am having to ship a lot of stuff so in a week to 10 days we will begin getting stuff in the store and the Raffle will be on.


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