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Henry's Sisters

Cathy Lamb

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Henry’s Sisters is about three sisters and a brother, a southern – belle terror of a mother, a grandmother who believes she’s Amelia Earhart, and two very quirky kids, the children of the ‘furious sister.’  Now, in my real family, there are four kids, too. I am sure that my two sisters and my brother are shakin’ in their sheos, wondering if I’ve written a tell – all about our lives.

But no. I haven’t. I would do that. (How dare you think that, my siblings?) I would NEVER tell all the secrets of my sisters and brother, everything they did when they were younger, their quirks, their adventures, their tricky escapades, secrets, all that crazy stuff…So, to my siblings inOregon,Montana, andMassachusetts, breathe easy. ‘Tis not about you.

Each of the sisters in my book has, let’s see…what’s a kind way of putting it? They have ISSUES. Major issues, all born from the tumult of their childhood. The brother, Henry, is gentle and dear and specially-abled.

This is a story about a family that has fallen apart and ends up being put back together again. It’s about a Queen Anne house, a bakery, a motorcycle, a mid life crisis Corvette that ends up watered, flower scented pink letters, an amusing divorce, burning bras, a crime writer, love, a kid who studies different religions each week, fear, jumbo cupcakes, a lost father, and a disastrous childhood partially spent living in a car.

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