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Guest Blog: Therapy dogs get a nod in Indigo Lake by Courtney Pierce

Today we have another great guest blog by our friend, and author, Courtney Pierce.  Courtney will be at Jan's this Saturday 4/30 for a book signing with Darcy Burke and to help us celebrate Independent Bookstore Day

RT Booklovers Convention: Day 2

RT Booklovers Convention: Day Two
Today was amazing!  Robyn Carr and Sylvia Day were in the Vegas Authors Breakfast.  Yep, they supplied breakfast for us.  Also met several new to me authors.  It is always fun to find new voices.  

RT Booklovers Convention: Day 1

The first day of RT has come to a close, at least for me.  The party is still raging downstairs but my feet hurt and I need my beauty sleep.  The party tonight was old Vegas.  The Casinos of yesterday, of the six or eight casinos, only the Golden Nugget remains.  Elvis was there and the all male review had everyone whopping and hollering.

Get Your Personalized Delilah Marvelle Books for a Limited Time

For a limited time, Jan's Paperbacks will be taking pre-orders for personalized copies of select Delilah Marvelle titles.  Delilah will be signing the books on April 30th and shipping will begin on May 1st.  Along with your personalized book, we will include a picture of Delilah signing your books.


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